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Author: liza1131

The start of the Great Europe Escape

It must be a product of Murphy’s Law. No matter how much planning I’ve done, I always end up feeling extremely busy the week before I leave for a trip. So imagine the stress I felt when it was T-7 to my longest trip to-date. I have always been a planner; it’s built into my DNA. But in the interests of expanding my horizons and having a new experience, I told myself to try not to sweat the small stuff. Here’s what I did: Because of budgetary constraints (and because I had already found places I preferred to stay in), I booked as much of my accomodations as possible. Also because of budgetary constraints, I booked all my train tickets in advance. (SO MUCH SAVINGS!) For the outdoor activities I wanted to do, I fired off some e-mails checking on availability and rates. I packed as minimalist as I could possibly be. Which, if you know me, I’m a bit of a vainpot fashionista, so I refuse to look shabby while travelling. My luggage ended up being only 17kg which is a pretty mean feat for me. And that’s it. That’s the bare minimum I need to feel ready for this. The rest, I’m just gonna wing it and plan as I go or do as I...

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Is it just me or is the first post almost always awkward? I don’t know where to start, but I suppose the natural thing would be share why this blog exists. People always comment that I travel a lot. I suppose that is true, but I can’t conceive of my life without it. I was lucky enough to grow up with quite a bit of travel experience; my first overseas trip was, I believe, when my parents took me to London when I was one or two years old. THANKS MOM AND DAD! So I was bitten by the travel bug very very early in life, and it’s like opening Pandora’s box. Once you’ve travelled, you can’t not travel. We did annual family trips until about the time I graduated from university. And as I started earning my own way, travel was still high on my list. My first solo travel experience was when I was 23 and I went to Japan. But the experience that gave me the bug for solo travel came later in 2010. It was a trip within a trip; I was in California with friends but I went solo on a river-rafting tour of the Grand Canyon and I loved it! Actually, that trip and that time of my life awakened a lot of things in me. A lot of questions about myself and...

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About me

Hola! I'm Liza and I'm living my second life. Welcome to TSB, where I share my adventures as I discover what makes me happy, what gives my life meaning, and how I live authentically.