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Author: liza1131

How to Shut Down That Lazy Voice In Your Head

One of my biggest flaws is laziness. I’m an expert in procrastination. Sometimes, it’s just too easy to just stay in bed/on the couch, doing unproductive things like scrolling through social media, watching random videos on YouTube or mindlessly channel-surfing (I especially love watching cooking shows!). So, in an effort to shut down that lazy voice in my head, I’m practising a few things to make my days more productive: Create a weekly To-Do list and schedule I find that time slips away much more quickly when you just let it. For example, it’s already April and a part...

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Scotland: Isle of Iona

When I was initially planning my Scotland itinerary, Iona didn’t quite make the cut. I knew I wanted to visit Mull and it seemed like there was more than enough to keep me occupied for 2 days. But as I did more research and learned more about Iona, the more I wanted to go. In the end, I had to rejig my initial plan and ended up staying one night in Mull and one night in Iona. And I tell you, I am so glad I did that! Iona is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been...

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Itinerary: 18 days solo travel in Scotland on public transportation

It was a photo of the Isle of Skye posted on Instagram that first inspired me to travel to Scotland. I saw the picture and immediately thought, “I have to go there!”. And the idea for The Great Europe Escape was born. Wanting to travel to Scotland was the easy bit; much more difficult was crafting my itinerary. I read up on public transportation options in Scotland (especially in the Highlands). I tend to prefer the free & easy route over guided tours (what can I say, I like my freedom and independence) so I wrestled between the easy...

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3 Tips on How To Choose A Spanish Language School

The initial reason for The Great Europe Escape was a simple one: I wanted to take a Spanish intensive course in Spain. I had been learning Spanish for about two years, taking a 2-hour class once a week and had progressed to the end of the A2 level. I wanted to “level up”, and I thought, “What could be better than learning Spanish while in Spain?” (Answer: Nothing!) So, I embarked on an extensive bout of internet research on Spanish language schools in Spain, and looked for advice or tips on how to choose a Spanish language school (some...

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Top 5: Porto

When I was first planning the Portugal leg of my trip, Porto actually wasn’t on my radar. I thought I’d visit Lisbon and that’d be it. Then, by a stroke of fate, I saw some photos of Porto in a Facebook travel group that I’m part of and I just knew that I had to go there. I was there for 3-4 days and really enjoyed the chill, laid-back vibe of the city. Here are my Top 5 things to do in Porto: 1) Livraria Lello As a bookworm and wordnerd, Livraria Lello was one of my favourite things...

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