There has been a slight cloud of mystery about the new life path I’m on right now. I think it’s just in my nature not to share information unless it’s with the people in my inner circle. #INTJproblems

Honestly, I still would prefer not having to explain myself, but I also don’t fancy having to answer questions about it for the foreseeable future. So let me address them now.

Question: Weren’t you just in Europe for like a bazillion months? And now you’re travelling again??! HOW WHAT WHY!!!
Answer: What can I say, I have itchy feet!

Question: What are you doing in Chiang Mai?
Answer: Running away from life. Hahahaha JUST KIDDING. The cliffnotes version that is that I am awesome and Michael Henman hired me to work with him.

Question: No, really, what are you doing in Chiang Mai?
Answer: What, I’m not awesome??! 😛 I really am Mike’s minion.

Question: So what exactly do you do?
Answer: I fetch Mike coffee- no, that’s not true at all; I fetch him tea. 😛 No, I am a total liar. Generally speaking, I do a lot of content creation and online marketing-type stuff. I’m another pair of hands and another brain to bounce off ideas with. And the big stuff we’re working on? You’ll hear about it when it’s ready to be shared. (Ooooh, such mystery!) Also, I’m doing freelance writing during my off-hours, so holllllaaaa at your girl if you or someone you know is looking for a writer 🙂

Question: Why Chiang Mai?
Answer: Why not? I’m finding that it’s an easy-going place, with a great community of people who are doing online work. It’s very cool and inspiring, actually. Plus, it’s cheap to live here (compared to most places).

Question: How long will you be in Chiang Mai?
Answer: For the next 6 months (at least? Depends on whether Mike still thinks I’m awesome after 6 months. Or whether I still think he’s awesome.)

Question: Are you getting paid the big bucks?
Answer: Nahhhhh, it’s totes not about the money yo. I’m here for the experience and to soak up knowledge and learn from other people like a sponge. AND THEN, hopefully I will make the big bucks on my own 😉 #lifegoals

Question: Cool, can I come visit you?
Answer: YES PLZ! Just give me like at least 3 days notice? And fair warning, I work during the day like normal people do so I won’t be able to have fun with you all the time.

If you’ve read my About page, you might’ve caught that bit about me doing freelance writing and wanting to be location independent. And essentially, that’s what a “digital nomad” is – someone whose work or business is primarily online (digital) and thus can work from anywhere in the world  (nomad).

This concept of living and working is actually something new to me. It was something I discovered somehow while I doing some search for The Great Europe Escape. I can’t remember how, but I found Location Rebel which provides resources on how to build an online business. I was actually hesitant about signing up, but I joined the mailing list and about one or two weeks later, there was a promotion. I took it as a sign from the Universe and I jumped on it. (I can’t resist a good sale!)

Time passed; I went to Europe, I came back, I floundered while considering options.

And then…

I heard about the opportunity to work with Mike in Chiang Mai in the LR forums. I checked it out, saw that it was actually a great fit between my skillset and what he was looking for. So it was a no-brainer that I wanted to at least apply.

I got busy, and procrastinated a little bit… but I did send in my application 37 minutes before the deadline. Yeah, I was living on the edge.

After about 24 hours, I heard back from Mike saying that he wanted to arrange a Skype interview. Then I was shortlisted into the final three, did two writing tasks.

One week from the day I applied, Mike offered me the job.

If I really break down all the things that led to me being here in Chiang Mai now, it would definitely look like a series of accidents. If I hadn’t found LR, if I hadn’t joined, if I hadn’t been interested enough to be lurking in the forums, if I hadn’t bothered to click on that link, if I had let fear and uncertainty stop me from sending in my application…

There were 40 applications for the job. I had a 1/40 chance, and yet it worked out?

Looking back, it just feels like the Universe is giving me a big ol’ HELL YES. And I can’t ignore it; and I don’t want to!

I am so thankful, and I feel as though I’ve never been happier.


Credit to Ken for the featured photo