Good intentions don’t always come to fruition.

I started this blog with the intention of documenting my Great Europe Escape, in real time… or as close to real time as possible. I even decided to bring my MacBook with me (an “unnecessary” gadget, given that I also had my iPhone and iPad Mini), with the idea that it is easier to type on a laptop. I had grand visions of churning out a post every 3-4 days, detailing my experiences.

Good intentions… but then I found something even better: living in the Now.

I was too busy, too keen on enjoying each moment as it happened to even think about distilling it into a blog post for mass consumption. What I did manage to keep up with was posting photos on my Instagram (for visual memories) and Facebook (to let my mom know that I was alive and so that she could “see” some of what I was seeing), but even that felt like a chore. It felt like there was too much fun, too many new experiences that I would’ve rather been living instead of spending an hour or two curating photos and sharing them online.

And so my good intentions faded away, and this site lay fallow. But I feel like I gained something immense in return: Being Present.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, a book that I’ve had in my collection for about 5 years now but haven’t quite managed to finish reading. I finally picked it up again, and it seems like the perfect moment for me to be reading it now. His words on consciousness and Being Present really resonate with me and made me reflect on some quiet moments I had on my trip, and how I felt like something in me grew during those 3 months.

I’ve done solo travel before, but this one felt different to me. And looking back, I was Present in more moments in those 3 months than I have ever been. Or at least, more conscious of being Present. There were more moments of stillness, more moments of just taking a breath and appreciating where I was… even during times when my days were jam-packed and non-stop action.

So I don’t regret not keeping up with this blog.

That said, now that life has slowed down considerably, I have the time to really think about all the new/cool/fun/amazing experiences I had. And I do want to share some of the particularly wonderful things that I saw/experienced/did.

Finally, the second begins… again.