It must be a product of Murphy’s Law. No matter how much planning I’ve done, I always end up feeling extremely busy the week before I leave for a trip.

So imagine the stress I felt when it was T-7 to my longest trip to-date.

I have always been a planner; it’s built into my DNA. But in the interests of expanding my horizons and having a new experience, I told myself to try not to sweat the small stuff.

Here’s what I did:

  • Because of budgetary constraints (and because I had already found places I preferred to stay in), I booked as much of my accomodations as possible.
  • Also because of budgetary constraints, I booked all my train tickets in advance. (SO MUCH SAVINGS!)
  • For the outdoor activities I wanted to do, I fired off some e-mails checking on availability and rates.
  • I packed as minimalist as I could possibly be. Which, if you know me, I’m a bit of a vainpot fashionista, so I refuse to look shabby while travelling. My luggage ended up being only 17kg which is a pretty mean feat for me.

And that’s it. That’s the bare minimum I need to feel ready for this. The rest, I’m just gonna wing it and plan as I go or do as I feel.